Grammy's and the Long Tail


I watched the Grammy awards last night. I’ve never been a big fan of the pop music scene. It always felt like I was being manipulated by the record companies or radio Dj’s into liking whatever they dished out and played repeatedly. Read more »

Neil Peart Reveals his Fitness Routine and How it Improves his Drumming

Nice article by James S. Fell of the LA Times.

"Just how physically active is it? Peart told of a study done on Clem Burke, the drummer for Blondie, on the metabolic effects of drumming. The research, conducted by Marcus Smith of the University of Chichester in England, found that Burke's heart rate averaged 140 to 150 beats per minute and at times would spike as high as 190 — well beyond the recommended "maximum" for his age (he's now 57). Smith concluded that being a top drummer required the same stamina as being an elite-level soccer player." Read more »

Summer Namm 2011 Brian from Taylor Guitars talks about their SolidBody and Acoustic Guitar product lines.

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Brian Swerdfeger from Taylor Guitars shows us their SolidBody and Acoustic Guitar product line including the GS Mini. He talks a little about the Taylor find your fit program and how to select the best guitar for your style of playing.

See video

EMI Publishing Dumps ASCAP - How does this affect Songwriters and Publishers?

LAURA SYDELL reoporting for NPR

"EMI has decided to drop ASCAP for tracking digital rights. As broadcasting moves online, it becomes easier to track how often a song is played. A role that ASCAP previously occupied. Songwriters and publishers get a payment when music is broadcast on the radio, online in elevators and clubs. Companies like Itunes, Spotify, Mog and Pandora can now easily create a report.
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Electronic Music Production Ideas and Tips - Courtesy of Tomy De Clerque

1. Use Pro Tools Boom to create your beats. Adjust the Decay knob to get a more analog sound out of the kick. Pan 2 hi hats left and right to give a stereo effect. For the stereo field use a pro tools delay with 33ms on one side

2. Start off with Hybrid Circle FM8 and Absynth and build your sounds from scratch. 

3. It is important to have your breaks broken in smaller pieces and have them get louder as they build rather than be louder than the previous part. Read more »

Don’t Die With Your Music Still Inside You


Do you ever wonder where inspiration comes from?  How is its that creative ideas flow through us?  I was listening to Wayne Dyer’s The Power of Intention, He was talking about the author Carlos Casteneda and his belief that when we are in contact with our source be it God or  this universal energy we are inspired in amazing ways. Music is a metaphor in our lives

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Electronic Music Production Tips - Courtesy Shaun Tyas

1.   Use Recycle to Slice your loops before Exporting them to Logic. Helps to clean them up.
2.    Use EXS 24 with Propellerheads Recycle  to convert /extract midi region and make new instruments
3.    Remove the notes of the loop that were extracted and takes portions of the loop you don’t want like the claps out.
4.    Use the Waves Renaisance Compressor to make the hits longer , by taking it up into the yellow prior to clipping
5.    Take a synth sound copy it and make one forward and one reverse for better stereo effect Read more »

Music Production Tips Part 2 – Courtesy Olav Basoski

Music Production Tips Part 2  – Courtesy Olav Basoski
  1. Uses compression and adds Logic's Bit Crusher 8bit preset and Vintage Warmer to his beats
  2. Likes the Vengeance Beats inserted into Guru/Geist with Enveloper effect to take off the transient of the Kick, with low and some high freqs.

May is Music Making Month by Propellerhead Software

May is Music Making Month for Propellerhead Software, makers of Reason and Record. Each day they are having live streams on Ustream of tips and tricks on creating music which can be applied to Reason/Record or other DAWS. Propellerheads have already posted several clips from the past few days which include, "The Future of Music Making", "Kick Start Your Song With Loops" and "Percussive Sequencing Tips". Check the Event Schedule for live events and seminars in your area. Its always great to see how other musicians come up with new and timesaving workflows.

Also Rebirth is on sale in May for the iPad and iPhone.

Music Production Tips Part 1 – Courtesy Thomas Gold

  1. Use low pass filtering on drums to get rid of unwanted frequencies
  2. Logic ES1 with Logic Bass Amp combination creates a nice fat bottom end.
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