Music Production Tips Part 2 – Courtesy Olav Basoski

Music Production Tips Part 2  – Courtesy Olav Basoski
  1. Uses compression and adds Logic's Bit Crusher 8bit preset and Vintage Warmer to his beats
  2. Likes the Vengeance Beats inserted into Guru/Geist with Enveloper effect to take off the transient of the Kick, with low and some high freqs. rolled off with Logic's Channel EQ
  3. Builds Kits in EXS 24 of Many Kicks for auditioning.
  4. Uses Best Service Dance Mega Drum Kits from Akai Sample CD
  5. Has Kick Drum and Bass on same Buss using Logic's Compressor
  6. Hi Hats and Claps on another Buss with Compressor side chained and a noise sweep
  7. Likes Rob Papen's Blue VST/AU plugin - and Sequence Patches
  8. Uses Logic ES2 for creating patches.
  9. Vengeance Sample VEC Synths 146B Vengeance Electro Sounds Synth Collection with some stereo Delay and the Auto Filter and Echo
  10. Recommends Logic's 16C Quantization setting for adding swing to tracks
  11. Suggests building tracks by starting something till it builds, then spread it out and add to it rather than adding everything to the first 16 bars and then copying it the next 16 and subtracting stuff.
  12. Uses logic piano roll editor and copies notes from chords and then drags/ moves them up the scale to see if they complement his original chords.
  13. On his piano uses 2 channel EQs with High Pass and Redline Reverb with Lexicon classic reverbs.
  14. For Bass he will layer a Papen's Blue plugin bass and slightly detune it along with another layer to open it up. Then add side chain compression to give it some pumping effect.
  15. Uses Waves C1 compressor sidechained version on the Master. The preset is Bass Enhancer and it only compresses those freqs.


Olav is a very good instructor

He has some great MacPro Video Tutorials.