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Capo - Reverse Engineering Software for Rock n Roll

Capo - Is a Mac and iOS app tool to help musicians learn songs from their music collection. It is geared for guitar players but keyboard players and other musicians can find some real benefits too. Capo allows you to slow down songs without changing pitch to detect notes, chords and the key of the song. You begin by dropping an audio file on the Capo Application. The audio file is then displayed in the Spectrogram. Capo then begins to identify the notes and the fret locations/tabs on the guitar. You can generate guitar tablature by right clicking on the notes and selecting the string you wish to play. You can even move the note to the next string for easier playing. Read more »

Capo 2 Interface

Review of Synapse Audio's Dune Softsynth VST - AU Plugin 9/10

Review of the VST AU Softsynth Plugin for Mac and Windows.

Dune image

Learn and Master Piano Review

Learn and Master Piano has several musician¬†instructional DVD¬†series, Piano, Guitar, Drums, Bass Guitar and Blues Guitar. The videos are presented by Legacy Learning Systems. The Piano series topics include: Read more »

Learn and Master Piano

VSL Ensemble Pro

Maschine 1.5


Maschine 1.5

I bought the Native Instruments Machine a little over a year ago. Many users were upset with the limited features that were available out of the box.. The new version 1.5 brings a host of new improvements:

New and improved features: Read more »

Maschine 1.5