Frequently Asked Questions

After you create your account, click on the "My account" link on the Navigation menu on the right. Then click on the "Profile" tab. You can add three of your songs and pictures to upload. The songs have a list field where you can enter the song title after pressing the upload button. You should also select the instruments you play from the radio button checkboxes at the bottom of the page, your musical influences and some information about your commitment level and what type of musician or band your are seeking.


Click on the Messages link in your navigation block on the right. Then click on the "Write New Message" Tab.  After completing your message, a private message and e-mail (if recipient allows it) will be sent to the member to notify them they have a new message at All members can read their messages.

On the navigation bar on the left side there is a link "Create content", select that link and then select "Group Create". Fill in the Title, Description and Mission Statement. An Administrator will approve the group publication so it will show on the Groups Page. To join a Group click on the "Groups" link in the Navigation Menu and select a Group from the list.

This site is for finding musicians in your area to collaborate with professionally or for the enjoyment of playing music. Musicianews has Organic Groups which allow musicians to support discuss and share ideas on projects, events etc.

This site is also for students to find Music Teachers nearby and for people in the industry to find Musicians/Bands for their clubs, or studios.

Click on the my account link located in the navigation bar on the right side the click the "Edit" tab to update your information and profile. After you make the necessary changes be sure to click on save, to save your new settings.

Click on the "Create content" link in the left sidebar navigation menu, then select 'Group Post". Fill in the fields including the location fields with the address of the event so that it will show on the event google map, then click save.

Click on the "Create content" link in the left sidebar navigation menu and select the "Product Review" link. Please write a detailed evaluation and 5 star rating to your review.


It is usually best to offer several ways for other members to contact you, such as email, phone number or address etc. This information is not included in user's profiles but it should be included in the private message that you send.  Only provide the contact information which you feel comfortable giving to an unfamiliar member.  In addition keep your profile up to date with your latest songs, photos and experience. This is somewhat like a resume for other members/musicians to read.

Click the Contact Us link and select Technical Support and we will manually add your account.

Please send Technical Support an email saying you wish to delete or completely remove your account and we will regrettably do so.