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     I specialize in helping people learn exactly what they want to learn. My current students' interests and levels range from the classical repertoire to jazz and pop, from total beginner to advanced professional. My piano studio is conveniently located near free public parking as well as easy access from the Red Line or 151, 36, 152, 145 and 146 Buses. During the lesson I ask you to play through your music. I will then ask you to play the music in many various ways that will hone the skills in all the areas you are trying to develop. With such first hand experience you will learn a great deal more than just how to play the notes correctly. You will have consequently incorporated artistry, piano technique, theory and ear training (without even realizing it) so that you develop into a much more well-rounded musician as well as pianist.

ex. 2

     Here are some of the things we will cover! • Drum Set: I will teach you the fundamentals of drumming, through building a strong foundation in your understanding and approach to the instrument. Books and pages of music (charts, orchestral) will be provided for the student to help develop a personal practice routine, and to also track their progress. • Chart Reading: Charts will be provided. As well as music without drums. We will cover how to go about reading a drum chart or lead sheets and how to use them as a creative part of the musical process. Students will have the hands on experience of what its like to be in the studio, read charts, and play in the studio for a producer.

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